I am home and free from needing to get in the car again for a LONG time . My POOR BUTT!!! I love road trips and all , but I have surely had my fill for a spell . Now I’m home and gearing up for the Fall , and Cabaret. I’m nervous , but excited at the completely unique challenges this will
pose . I’m used to seat of my pants , wild and spontaneous free form living and performing…. but now , I’m headed into a regimented , semi strict routine for the next couple of months .

Discipline . Yikes . Usually , for me , discipline is the “D” in “B&D” …. but it’s a whole new challenge here.

I will update you all on my forays into the rehearsal process and the absolute comedy that will be me trying to dance . But right now , I’m going to happily unpack and put my things away with the calm that comes with knowing I won’t have to pack again for a little while . Then I’m going to enjoy my Portland from the squishy seat of my bike . Ah!!


Though we’re off the road for now …we’re still gonna bid a temporary farewell to you all at the Wonder Ballroom on August 18th . Come on out and see what we learned in Canada!

See you out there!

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