So this Friday we are back at our beloved Dante’s for a reunion of sorts with our peeps on Burnside and SW3rd . We are playing with Mike D and Kleveland . Doors , I imagine are around 8 . I am so excited to shake off the Winter and perform again , I haven’t stepped out with my Balls since December .

It is soooo time for a show .

I’ve been just writing everyday , which is great and all , but I don’t want to be creeping around inside my own scull for too long with out being able to , once in awhile , get up and freak out in front of 500 strangers . So thank God for Friday !

Saturday is the Red Dress Party , and THAT too will be cool.
In case you are not hip to the deal , it is a gi-normous benefit for aids related research and charities . The catch is , all party goers wear red dresses , boys and girls alike … which brings me to my quick question :

Does anybody know where I can find a red cowboy hat for Jimmy Jamms Beaton ? He needs to complete the look he’s got going , which is a somewhat fuzzy Annie Oakly .

Don’t all go out and get one , just direct me , if you will, to a where one can be found and we’ll get it .

All that aside , this weekend is supposedly going to have gorgeous weather , and two heaping helpings of BALLS . Ah , Spring … here you come at last you elusive bitch .

See you out there ,

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