For the love of….

Q: “What do you wanna be when you grow up ?” A: “Famous” .

Enough with the slow-mo train wreck , Roman colosseum type entertainment . Anna Nicole was such a hideous example of
humanity … a stunted , stupid , wasted woman with a massive rack and a famously generous gash she shared with anyone with influence or a fat engraved moneyclip . (Pardon the language in my tirade … I’m pissed ). We collectively reward these fuck-ups with fame , MOREOVER we collectively believe that fame IS a reward in and of itself . Not the bi-product of working hard with a modicum of talent . Little girls everywhere who lip synched to “Oops I did it again” dream of being little stars , but many grow up to makeout with their barely legal girlfriends for the Girls Gone Wild crew … just to be on tv . Ooh ! Or maybe the packaging ?! … maybe they’ll get discovered !? .. ummm …like , I dunneauoo …whateverrr .

Columbine : those two twisted bastards were on magazine and newspaper covers everywhere you looked ….then subsequently , a dozen more kids shoot up or threaten to shoot up their schools … seeking and getting attention…FAME . Killing is rewarded with infamy .. importance….immortality . Same goes for killing one self, I guess .

As I began this rant … (again , sorry for the rage and bad grammar .. ) Anna Nicole was a tabloid punchline . A talentless swollen hooker with a heart sweet enough to trust the sucking remoras oozing around her . These great “friends” who would rather see her humiliate herself repeatedly and die , then put her in a headlock and get her some fucking help . They should have their arms and legs cut off and their twitching torsos fed to rats .

Now we’re all popping popcorn and settling in to watch this M is for Mouseclub washed up little not a girl/ not yet a woman , melt down and self destruct . We’re almost atwitter at the prospect of her offing herself. I , for one , am utterly disgusted with the whole horrible mess of it … Let’s be real …I’m guilty of it as well . When it comes to
celebratty bitches being dragged through media mud … I’m not that innocent . But it stops here , I’m not reading or watching anymore about it . Tell me when it’s over .

…And where’s her fucking mother ?!

Rant over . Need coffee .
Sweetness and light,

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