My God people .

Just because I put on some fake injury I get a wave of B.S. about how offensive it is … how I’m not being sensitive to the abused . Give me a big fat flipping break and PLEASE get over it . I find it
hilarious when I dress up all hottie pants , hair and makeup , sexy costume and what nots … then I throw a little doo dad in there to make it a tad twisted . Me performing with a honking bruise on my face in no way suggests I find child or spousal abuse hot or funny . In my recollection , I’ve never conveyed the image of a battered woman , or someone who finds abuse or violence entertaining or even acceptable . I look like an under paid gutter tramp who got in a dirty brawl over some fried mozzerella sticks ….and I pull it off with flair and pizazz , if I may say so .

Go fight a real fight . There’s A LOT more things out there worthy of your outrage .

Peace ,

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