Edinburgh Festival

“Storm Large is one of the finest performers I have seen in Edinburgh.” source

“Had my mind blown by Storm Large tonight. She sang, made me laugh, then cry.” source

“Storm Large at The Underbelly is phenomenal – like watching a live concept album and she’s the concept” source

“My fav Edinburgh show: Storm Large at the Underbelly. Deranged and glorious and moving US singer.” source

That’s just a sample of some of the reviews coming in. Check out the links below for more reviews and interviews from Storm’s trip to Edinburgh Festival, and click here for event times and tickets.

5 Star Review From The Scotsman

5 Star Review From Chortle

4 Star Review From The Skinny

5 Star Review From EdinburghGuide.com

News of the World: Storm Large reigns at the Fringe

A musical memoir with bawdy tales

Interview: Storm Large

Skip This Post If You’re Easily Offended

10 Questions: An Interview with Storm Large

Underbelly launch

Are you Crazy Enough for Storm Large?

Edinburgh Fringe: Storm Large

Edinburgh Tonight Interview

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2010 #7 – Is It Better To Have Loved and Lost?
(audio interview starts at 33:01)

Storm Large is Crazy Enough to wow the Fringe and everything else

7 thoughts on “Edinburgh Festival”

  1. Love Storm Large – her talent, energy, honesty and humour are unique in a musical landscape awash with voice-sweetened, focus group-produced pretty boys and girls.

    She’s the kind of woman she’s supposed to be and I for one am glad!

    When are you coming to the Adelaide Festival of the Arts or Fringe here in Australia Storm? I think Aussies would love you!

  2. Saw Storm on Wednesday evening in Edinburg. Was completely blown away. What a voice, what a performance! After the first song I thought “shit this is something really good and unusual”. Hope there is much more to come of this super star.

  3. Just saw SL tonight at the Underbelly in the Cowgate, enjoyed the show, great fun. Maybe a touch too much on the OTT confessional style dialogue between aong and again with the over-wrought approach at times, but the songs are sharp, fast, witty and rock out on a fine scale. Portland can be proud – Storm asks, what is “normal” late on in the show. Damned if I know, never did, don’t claim to now, so keep on with the work in progress. Come back next year!

  4. Saw Storm during the festival, blew me away! I was a fan before, but getting to see Storm live was a whole different game. Genuinely one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! Keeping fingers and toes crossed that she makes it back to the uk SOON. Anywhere in the UK!

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