Crazy Enough…. to turn 40 in front of everyone . (Ew!)

Thank you SO MUCH , everyone , for coming to see “Crazy Enough” and spreading the word . The sales have gone completely nuts so we are likely to extend at this point . If so, I will be on stage June 25th when I turn 40 .

My God I hope I don’t have a meltdown . I usually feel weird around my birthday anyways … not because I’m getting older or anything … it’s just a time of introspection . Where am I , where’ve I been , where am I going ? Whoa … what is happening to my butt ? That kind of crap . The “zero factor” of this birthday , however , not to mention my publicly reliving some major moments from my past , 8 times a week , is really cranking up the self scrutiny .

Oh for the days when it was ” I want chocolate cake …. and a black timber wolf …. a magic carpet OR wings ….or a horse ….aand an easy-bake oven , for my birthday . ” Now it’s all about , ” I want to like my body … I want to not care what I look like , or what anybody thinks …. I want Steve Martin to call me and tell me I’m awesome . And HE likes my body …. even though I DON’T care what I look like , or what anybody thinks …. ”

These thoughts really go nuts at bedtime . I want to go to bed with goofy dreams …. not holding the squish on the sides of my ass trying to use creative visualization to build collagen . When THAT doesn’t put me to sleep , I play scrabble against my computer … whom I already know cheats , but I play anyways , inevitably getting more and more pissed because HE somehow has a tray full of  Ms , the Z and other awesome letters , and I have a T and all the I tiles . Resulting in me waking Davey up because I start cursing at the screen … ” Fucking Lying Macintosh … stupid fucking Steve Jobs … cheating ass LIAR …. ” Davey groans at me to go to sleep , but now ,  I’m fully awake so I get up and do squats . Well , I think about doing them . Really , I just lie awake wondering what my ass would look like if I did 100 squats every night before bed , for my whole life , and I’d never eaten a chocolate covered cashew , or had a martini , ever , and I had skipped dinner for the last five years and really DIDN’T care what people thought . I usually fall asleep around 4 in the morning with the sounds of Anderson Cooper gay-flirting with Erica Hill .

I guess this is actually “middle age” I’m looking at . On the one hand , I could easily die by 80 , as do many people , thus putting me in the smack dab middle of life . Or , you could call it “middle age” because of the torture I put my brain through . I chase my so called weaknesses and insecurities around my head like torch wielding villagers chase a monster or witch ….hoping to trap it in an old shack and then burn it to death . ” DIE BODY DYSMORPHIA! DIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!! ”

Birthdays with the zero factor really crank up the neurosis for most people , so I don’t feel like I’m singing such a weird song  here . However , as cranky as my brain can get around this time of year , all my introspection and over analysis will eventually give way  to my go-to phrase : ” I fucking rule , thank you very much ” . What will happen then , in all likelihood , will be I end up somewhere awesome with my best friends and the love of my life , drinking martinis , eating chocolate covered cashews celebrating my weird life so far .

And with that , I again say , thank you . Thank you for allowing me to tell stories and sing songs AND get old , all at the same   time … in front of you .

See you out there … and tell Steve Martin to call me .

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  1. Gary Jaskowiak

    I loved Crazy Enough!!! The CD is the best! I love you!
    Plan on seeing CE at least once more & bringing friends!
    I’ll make additional plans to be there on June 25th WHEN the show is extended!! What a kick ass show that will be!!!!!!!!
    You are my favorite “man hands” girl!

    Happy Birthday in advance!

  2. I’m turning the BIG 50 this July! I’m processing it now….I’ll eventually accept it but it’s so hard to believe!!! I’ll be checking out guys at my work…start flirting (innocently…I’m happily Married) turns out this guy’s Mom is younger than me! Oy! That’s humbling…I don’t care that “I don’t look 50″…I live in reality today. And the truth is..I’m a few weeks away from turning 50!!! I don’t think I’ll ever like it but I’ll eventually accept it. P.S. On my 50th I also turn 16 years clean n sober. Now that’s something to be proud of for sure!! I’ll just focus on the 16 rather than the 50! (And…..I’m 6 1/2 years off cigarettes!! Not one freakin’ puff inj 6 1/2 years jack! That’s the hardest thing I do everyday….NOT SMOKE!! I miss it but I’m grateful I’m not a slave anymore to NICOTINE! Because I’m a NICOTINE junkie for sho!

    Thanks for letting me share….keep in touch if you want.

    P.S. My friend Lee is going to be at your show this Thursday mantinee 4/30. She needs an ego boost…I hope you can give her a shout out…she’s a crazy physcho just like US ~:O) ~:O)

    Bye for now,

  3. Hi Storm;
    Happy Birthday in advance. Saw you when you were in Ottawa. What a blast. I just ordered the new CD and can’t wait to listen. Wish I was closer to Portland. Hope you can come back here sometime. Love your sound. Keep rocking .

  4. Storm –
    I can’t stop singing your songs! I saw your show last night (4/30), and was amazed and impressed. Your story is great, your voice is just awesome, and the show is so intimate. I don’t know how anyone can leave the show and not feel like they just made a new friend. You are kicking ass, and I can hardly believe you’re ready to pounce on 40. Happy birthday, and best wishes for continued success!

    Thanks again for sharing yourself with us,
    – jeremy

  5. Storm… Da** woman, you can WRITE too! I enjoy your blog posts; funny, thought-provoking, intimate, and humble. Congratulations on being where you are and where you’re going.

    Good luck on turning 40; not that you need it. I did so w/a house full of friends & family, and it was great! I hope you get the chance to share your birthday w/those you love… One measure of success is those you love, and those that love you. :)

    I’ve seen Crazy Enough, and it was a great show! I certainly hope it gets extended if that’s what you want; it would be a chance for more people to share in your awesome music, interesting life, and beautiful spirit. Not to mention it’s Vigantic!

  6. “Long were you a dream in your mother’s sleep, and then she woke to give you birth.” Kahlil Gibran

    Your Mother, amidst all of her craziness, dreamt big. Hell, she dreamt Large!

    Welcome to the other side of 40. No need to fret; it is fucking fantastic! Been here for 14+ years, and I love it. Haven’t grown up, never will! Don’t fucking have to!

    40 is nothing but a number which you will wear proudly and look fantastic while doing so!

    Will see your life story again in a couple of weeks, and I will enjoy it as much as the first time!

    “Boston in the House”

  7. Storm,
    My husband and I saw your show early in April. We loved it!! I returned the next week to the rush line to see it again by myself, loved it again. Took my grandson the next week and it was terrific. Will be there for my 69th birthday on May 20th with 4 girl friends. So 40 looks good to me.
    Love your story and your music. Thanks for the good times.

  8. Storm…just saw your show tonight (5/7). I’m the geeky girl in the glasses with the great energy. :) Your songs and story rocked my world. When you sang your lullaby, you brought tears to my eyes. My partner and I recently decided to try for a baby, and it was just such a poignant moment amongst the GO STRONG WOMEN moments….it felt like you were singing to me.

    I’ve been a fan since I saw you on TV, and then in Caberet, but tonight…you won my geeky fan heart forever. You easily put on one of the greatest shows I have ever seen…Portland, New York, San Francisco….anywhere. I heart you, and I while I can’t afford to come again (though I wish I could come every night!!), I hope your life–and your birthday–is fu@king awesome!

    Keep on singing…
    Angela “Ladygeek”

  9. Please Storm, show me something real

    After having seen “Crazy Enough” and reading all of these blog posts boasting it, and purchasing and listening to her cd, and finding out that it has been extended for another month, I have to say to you this: Portland, have you no other entertainment in town?

    Because I’m sorry but, story: rich chic from mass suburb turns slut, turns “drug addict” turns stripper turns “rock legend” just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

    First of all, I guess the moral of your story is right, who doesn’t deal with crazy every day? It’s a good thing that your family had enough money to keep putting yours in different hospitals. Some just have to resort to putting them on the streets. Good for you guys for finding the resources to deal with her in a clinical environment.

    Second, kudos for admitting to the abortion, good liberal state like Oregon really related to that one. However, all that sex in the teens, why not glorify the stds too? The same audience who can sit back and hear that and appreciate the courage for talking about abortion can most likely appreciate the fact that 85% of woman in this country have an std so why not talk about that too?

    Next, congrats for kicking the dope, but reality is that a couple months of doing your boyfriends drugs really doesn’t count as drug addiction. When your heart stops, literally stops and you die, literally, clinically die, until you take more narcotics because it can’t beat without them, and you have to figure out how to survive with out them, then you can call yourself a recovered drug addict.

    And finally, I was really looking forward to the part of the story of how she actually took Portland by (sorry for the pun) Storm. Other than referencing Portland as Storm’s hometown on that reality tv show, (which isn’t really true, just something that she said on tv because it apparently gave her more “cred” than being from Mass) what exactly qualifies her as being the “First Lady of Portland”. Brings me back to the point, really Portland, we are not that craved for entertainment. You want to see women empowerment? Go see Richard II at the shoebox.

    I’m sorry Storm, and I’m sorry Portland Center Stage for raining on your Parade. You’re all doing very well and you should continue to sell out, it’s great for our economy, but Portland, really? This is what you all are feigning for? Read a book.

  10. Storm:

    You are the best! I am a 6 foot 58 year old woman with a crazy mother — and I am so grateful for your wisdom and wonderful talent. Thank you for putting it out there. And fuck those that just don’t get it– it seems like from the sales and response, many of us do!


  11. Storm, after experiencing Crazy Enough today, I said to those around me on the stairway leading to the lobby, ‘what we need is a recovery room’, and people laughingly agreed . . . what you presented was so powerful and validating, that I felt as though I had engaged and stretched a very large and underused (lately) womanmuscle. Yes, grab life, and hope that you are just crazy enough to really work with it . . . enjoy it.

    Thanks for a rewarding show, and for putting yourself up there.


  12. Saw your show on Mother’s Day Eve. You kicked ass and I liked it! Thanks for sharing your story and standing up as a powerful role model for embracing one’s life. I’ve never felt so vigantic. And speaking of which, you’ve GOT to make that phrase available as a bumper sticker!!

    Love ya!

  13. Good morning. I had reserved plenty of judgement for you prior to seeing your most recent show. I thought you were “Too cool for school.”, an arrogant rock-star, etc. However, much like most things I hold in comtempt prior to investigation: I stand corrected. I was moved by your show Crazy Enough. I cried several times, and you touched me with the intimacy of your show. I too have struggled with addiction, so for me it hits home.

    I must say that I truly hold a lot of respect for you, and I wish you the best, have been promoting your show to many as a good thing to go see. Thank you for making me cry. I don’t do it often enough.


    Ohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………….. (repeat)

  14. Connie Stopera

    Thank You for sharing your story!! It was a very powerful message and moving. I absolutely admire anyone who can get up on a stage in front of an audience of strangers and spill their guts about their life growing up with a mentally ill Mother. I am a retired Nurse and from 1997 to 2000, worked in a locked in-patient Psych unit in a Portland Hospital. I learned and experienced a lot, and can somewhat understand what you went through! An excellent actress you are and you ‘ROCK’!! Not to mention a real SURVIVOR!!!
    Cheers, Connie

  15. Storm,
    We came to your Sat. night show on May 16th . We saw you for a moment at LIve Radio a while back and on TV for the Rock Star thing. Now I know why you didn’t win the Rock STar thing. You would have turned the other band members to dust with your voice and your presense. There was a plan for you to do this, to experiment with theatre [ Caberet} to find more ways to massage yourself into new lives and venues. Your one woman show was the best I had seen and we were surrounded by folk all saying the same thing.
    To the lady who wrote the note about you not having the right to call yourself a recoverying addict, well, I have been in recovery a few minutes or more, long enough to know “it doesn’t matter how much or how often we use, it’s what happens when we use….” quoted hopefully correctly from book of Narcotics Anonymous. thank you for telling your story. It needs to be told by so many of us out here. People who question its validity, or that lives hurt less if you live on top of the hill instead of the bottom, or use for months instead of years, or have resources that others don’t have, well, shit, I can only hope they keep coming back with an open mind and less judgement. Your show is not for everyone, just like beets and lima beans, but for some it is a gift of hope and compassion and survival. You rock and your voice gives me the chills..
    Ps… I turn 61 next year and I hear 60 is the new 40….If that is true, you are only 20 something…?
    HOpe to get my daughter who really needs to hear a story that is NOT mine, to your show.. please extend it to july and have another 25.oo dollar opportunity for those of us on the bottom of the hill…
    Crazy works for me too…. a kinder more loving crazy… Peace, Mo

  16. OK. I did see your performance on “Rock Star: Supernova” and I remember thinking “How many Storm Large’s could there be walking around?”

    I’m just going to come out with it.

    Do you remember doing a fire dance in your living room for two late-twenty-ish guys back in 1988/99? One very tall (lots-o-tattoos) and one in an up and coming rock band wearing a custom English black wool porkpie hat (me). Both in gorgeous black leather jackets. I briefly worked at Newbury Comix. Yes, it was a very looooong time ago, but it was a great, poetic and beautiful night of decadence. Yes, you were a 6 foot tall viking punk princess with hips that could kill anyone at forty paces, but you were (and apparently still are) a work of art.

    Gotta know. If so, congratulations on your life path. Really, good for you. Well done. Keep going. Don’t stop. Enjoy it. You earned it and deserve it.

    Still playing music on my end. I remember you saying you wanted to be a singer in a rock band. Bonus points for staying the course.

    Life is so funny sometimes.

    All the very best,
    Smitty (as in Michael Smith. My stage name is “Smitt E Smitty”.)

    P.S. Do you run into/talk to Keith Smith ever? I run into him every couple of years or so. I think we both know/knew how special you were/are.

  17. It’s been a week and a half since I took my guy and my daughter on a ‘mystery date’ to your show. I sure would like to come again. Your work here is important. In these hard times, people WILL pay for art and entertainment that is exceptional and inspiring. For anyone who ever judged or given up on someone who’s strung out on drugs, or for any other reason, it’s time to recalibrate their heart. You may be sneaking up on 40 but your look 23 and you are actually timeless!

    Thank you for the courage to expose the deep humanity inside every person. And, I think I get it — when you’re singing “My vagina is eight miles wide!” it’s also a metaphor for your heart. You have a HUGE beautiful heart!

    I hope you extend even beyond June 28th so that all the people I’ve told about your show will be able to get tickets!

    And THEN you can take it to New York!!!!

    Thanks for a powerful show that will stay with me always.

  18. Oh my GOD. After much anticipation, a little over a year now, I got to see Crazy Enough last night. I don’t even know what to say. Your honesty is as wide as your vagina and I would like to praise you like the little birdie that resides there. I was (not) crying, for many reasons, many times during your show and wish I could watch it over and over again like I do Hedwig.
    When I heard you were considering this show, something told me it was very important for me to see it. I know what it’s like to be glad someone is dead, and I too have the fear of crazy running in my family. But according to my magic 8 ball when asked if I will someday be locked up in a state hospital retelling the glory story of me and John F Kennedy’s love child Steve Prefontaine life whilst sucking down 4 packs of full-flavor Pall Malls a day, it’s sources say no…so I’ve got that going for me.
    I admire your balls and am envious of the beautiful voice you have to tell your story. If I could keep you in my pocket and pull you out for answers, I would ask you to belt out Where is My Mind until it finally does.
    I hope there’s talk about a movie, I know the demand for it exists.
    Again, thanks for your honesty. My tits were blown off!

  19. Seth and Michelle

    We just saw your show last night and we were absolutely delighted and in awe! Thank you so much for sharing such intimate thoughts and feelings with complete strangers. You are an inspiration to many and a voice for the masses. You have made the both of us lifelong followers of yours. Thank you, Storm!

  20. My husband and I have been PCS subscribers for years now, and this year we purchased only mainstage shows…and your show. As soon as I saw you were doing a one-woman story of your life, I knew we had to see it. So I’ve been anticipating this play for months. A few days ago a friend posted a note on Facebook, saying that everyone must go see Storm Large in Crazy Enough, that you were amazing. As we were waiting for the play to start, I was wondering if I’d be disappointed because it wouldn’t live up to the glowing reviews.

    Instead, I was awed by your courage, guts, and honesty. I love listening to you sing (my fantasy is to be a rock star), and you are such an incredible presence on the stage. I will never forget being in a theater full of men singing about their vaginas. Your show brought me to tears several times.

    I loved you in Cabaret, and I’m now officially a major Storm Large fan. I would love to see the show again, but most of the dates are sold out. We’d all love it if you did another extension! (Screw the poster above who criticized you for being real and criticized Portland for extending your run!) We love you, large, strong woman!

  21. Heya Storm! We’re about to head out from Seattle to come see your show! We’re sooo excited!!! We’ve had our tickets since it was announced and have talked Storm virgins into coming and seeing the show with us. One of the reasons we got our tickets for a later show (June instead of April) is because our daughter turns 18 tomorrow (June 7th) and she’s always bummed when your concerts are at 21+ venues. She saw you in Cabaret and is excited about being able to see you live again!

    40 is nothing to be ashamed about – especially as good as you look! Happy birthday just a wee bit early!

  22. Storm, we just got back home from catching the matinée of CE. You have new fans (the friends we brought with us) and we talked with a lot of Storm converts in the audience while we were in the Rose City.

    First of all I want to tell you that you were awesome, as usual! This was probably the best I’ve ever seen you. You’ve always seemed to be an open and honest performer…but there was profound wisdom you were sharing in CE. Yes, I was sitting on the side of the stage, crying while you sang “Where is my Mind” and mouthing the words along with you. And crying again when you silently thanked your Mom before the final song. I only have two more words to say to you about this show…

    Thank you.

  23. I saw your show this past Tue. and it was amazing. Your voice is amazing but the way you told your story and made yourself so accessible and connected with the audience was extraordinary. I decided to play your CD today in the house while my five-year-old daughter was in earshot and she loved it too. I did skip the “My vagina is 8 miles wide” song since I could not deal with the thought of her walking down the isle at the grocery store while she sang “my vagina is 8 miles wide, absolutely everybody cold come inside”. I figure if she starts singing “put it in, pull it out” I could just relate it the holky polky. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  24. Stormy~
    I will be at your 40th celebrating my ummmmmm 50th…WOW..chit…
    talk about introspective. This will be my 2nd go round to crazy enough and I cannot think of a better way of celebrating my 50th with the “kick ass bruiser”
    Its 2:45 am so I am going to go do 100 crunches or
    uh think about doing em ::wink::

    See ya on our Birthday and KICK ASS you Amazonian goddess :)

  25. Hi Storm! Jean C’s husband here – the guy that did the pictures of you from RS, playing pool, and in the Christmas costume. What she forgot to mention is that it was our daughter’s 18th birthday, and the first time she was able to see you perform your own music (Cabaret not being by you, of course) She’s been a huge fan since the RS show, and this was kind of life-changing for her. Plus, she says you said ‘Hi” to her on the right side of the stage – and it totally made her day. We all did kind of fall apart with that last little silent whisper – you really are quite amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this look into your life with us. Wouldn’t the world be great if everyone was willing to be so honest about themselves?

    PS. when men exaggerate about their genital size, they still keep the measurements in inches – moving right up to miles was really ambitious! LOL

  26. STORM….I LOVE YOU! I live in Seattle and was down this weekend to visit my honey. He had tickets…I had no expectations, although he is wild about you. I was BLOWN away. You hit so many places deep inside…you’re amazing and what we both loved is how raw, open and honest you were on stage.

    Is it possible you could bring Crazy Enough to Seattle? I’ll do anything I can to find a venue and a great place for you while you’re here.

    Not sure if you’ll extend beyond the end of June, but want to send everyone I know to see it.

    Thank you….d

  27. I can’t express how much I enjoyed your show. I left PCS wondering how you can possibly give your whole self like you do, then do it again the next night. I’m hoping my two daughters (about your age) get to come see your show. You are amazing and beautiful!

  28. I must admit I worrried for about 5 minutes that you weren’t really going to pull this thing off. But you did. Incredible. Wonderful. Thank you! You were authentic and the whole audience felt that and it validated all of us (everyone in Saturday night’s audience I’m sure of it) who live with all kinds of sordid and vivid and meaning-filled personal memories which we keep secret even from ourselves. Regarding turning 40, maybe you’ve heard this before from some other old fart that the 39th year can be miserable just from all the anticipation of turning 40. So get it over with and write some more songs about your experience, whatever it is.

  29. I am a 14 year old theater kid who just saw “Crazy Enough” for the first time. Having never seen Storm Large perform live either, this was one of the most amazing performances I have EVER seen. Growing in a family where my mother has a sever case of bipolar this show clicked. Throughout the whole thing I kept seeing myself, and my family. It was so breathtaking, and so inspirational. I have never seen such a performance that is so honest to god. It made really realize the importance of theater in my life. It’s always been something to keep my afloat in the midst of my mom’s illness, but this showed me that I can use it to my advantage in other ways. I hope to someday be like storm and write my own one woman show. Her performance gave me the confidence to try and stop pointing out my mom’s illness out in myself. It’s true I see her every time I look in the mirror, and when I say certain things, but I am not my mom. And I too feel like it’s my fault my mom is the way she is, and I know it isn’t true, but Storm’s reassurance of this in her show helped to really make that a solid thing in my mind. I want to thank every single person who has been involved in this show, you made a big change in some misfit teens life yesterday. I hope to be seeing more Storm, and maybe someday be able to share my story like she did.

    love emma

  30. I wouldn’t have guessed you’re 40. You look hot and have a rockin’ bod. Great show! June 25, is also my dad’s birthday (shared by about 18,504,522 other people, some 1/365 of the world population nearing seven billion.) Happy seven days before your birthday!

  31. Storm you fuckin ROCK! & you’re right its its all down hill now (just kidding) I’m turning 50 in Sept & this is best time of my life, esp now that I understand my vagina is 8 miles wide & absolutly everyone can come inside…:) I love you! My sex-life has never been better. I had one of the best dates with my spouse, ever, the day we saw your show (for the second time). Please post any upcoming gigs you might have in the future I am dying to hear/see you again. I am sure you will doing this show on Broadway & you deserve it!. Loved you on SuperNova too. Even though those guys were fools.

  32. The year I turned 40 I graduated from law school, thereby starting a completely new life. You are not middle-aged, you’re hitting your stride.

  33. I saw your show last week and LOVED it! You ROCK! I am so impressed at your versatility and talents. You earned every bit of it and I hope you make it big and that Steve Martin calls you asks if he can take you to lunch to tell you in person how great he thinks you are! But, honestly, you don’t need Steve Martin! You have loads of people who love you and love that you have shared your life so honestly, theatrically, comically, and emotionally. Not too many people have ever done this….they write books and then go and hide, or maybe go on a talk show.

    I saw you the last 2 years at the Red Dress Party and you ROCKED it, it was awesome to see you, hear, and experience the buzz! Keep coming back!! Lilith Fair can eat their heart out! Keep writing, performing, singing, and being the real you!

    I loved turning 40, it was the beginning of the real me and I am grateful that I am me! Thank you Storm, for opening so that “absolutely everyone can come inside”. Thank you!

    Happy Birthday!!

  34. Happy Birthday, Storm. I was lucky enough to be in the audience (for a second time) for your birthday performance tonight and once again INCREDIBLE. You’re the best!!


  35. you are one of the most awesome female vocalists i have ever heard! and you look damn good for fourty! i’m 37 and wish i could be only half as talented and beautiful as you. i’ve been playing ur cd in my car for the last month non stop and i sing it from the top of my lungs even tho my singing sucks. you always put me in a good mood. if i’m feeling down all i have to do is look you up on the internet and watch you belt out a few songs and my mood goes up 100% instantly! i wish you could come closer to iowa so i could see you perform live. maybe someday i will be able to travel more and get out to see you whereever you are. keep rocking and don’t ever change. you are an inspiration to me!

  36. Storm – I just wanted to send you some positive energy today. Someone told Lukas during the TV show that his performances inspire them, and while that may be the case for them, it was YOUR performances during that show that consistently wowed me, left me giddy like a school kid, with a big ‘ole crush on YOU. I have to watch you perform “Anything Anything” every day now. I haven’t been able to see your show yet, and hope that it runs long enough for me to do that. Your CD is really really great, but I also have some bootlegs of some of your older stuff which I think I like even more. I hate being this gushy, but you’re a performer, and I think somewhere deep down inside you need your fans’ attentions. Girl, you command my every attention today!

  37. I remember thinking 40 was half of 80. That was a few years back. Things have gotten better for me since then, in most respects, although my body is not the buff one it used to be when I played drums for four hours most nights a week (I gave that up a few years back).

    You said, “I just lie awake wondering what my ass would look like if I did 100 squats every night before bed”. I just wonder what it looks like, period, Storm. Alongside Candye Kane, you are emerging as a premiere purveyer of self-respect in the face of a hurricane of ill will. I haven’t seen Candye’s ass or yours, but I daresay both of them are fine. Stop worrying and get on with the self-love.

  38. Storm,

    I found you via a friend who linked my to your video for 8 Miles Wide. Thank you for putting the video out on YouTube, I otherwise might never have heard of you, and you’re amazing. I laughed and cried at the same time. Having just turned 40 myself, fighting body dysmorphia, and having a host of young women around me who also battle body dysmorphia… it gets interesting. We laughed, we shrieked, our jaws dropped… it was very healing and helpful.

    Happy 40th birthday. Yoiu’re the kind of beautiful I want my daughter to be – strong in the face of fear, with lots of attitude!

    Also, we just simply love your music in it’s own right, regardless of “message” – and we’re music snobs, so that means something. ;-)

  39. I’m a dancer in P Town, and Ladylike has been a staple in my life for a while now! It is very empowering and downright soulful! I am praying I get to see your show. My friend tried to get me tickets but they were always sold out! Your video for Eight Miles Wide made me re-appreciate Portland and I’ve been showing it to everyone I know. Okay I’ll stop gushing now. Peace.

    Happy birthday also! I hope you are having the time of your life.

  40. I keep hearing and reading about your show and I wish so badly I lived in the area so I could see it! I’m a recent fan, and I have completely and utterly fallen in love with you as a performer and a woman. You ROCK!

    Happy Birthday! I hope tomorrow is awesome!

    Is there a chance that you might have some of your performances filmed and made into a DVD? I WOULD SO BUY IT!

    In fact ANYTHING you did and made into a dvd would be worth having! (I mean performances, not hot monkey sex with your man, that’s your deal!)

  41. Thank you for being real. I hear you about body DYSMORPHIA. I, maybe like you, am a relatively strong female personality that’s mindful and have a decent self esteem but yet…I struggle with something as insignifcant (yet very real and insistent) as body issues. WTF!
    Saw Crazy Enough last night. I had a crush on you when you tended bar at Dante’s and saw a few of your shows, including a NYE show there. And after last night…I’m just so thankful and impressed. So much I want to talk about with you and about you…but I’ll jump in. I loved how your intro about your family was very honest and helped the audience to empathize with a non-perfect family. Felt like that helped folks to be open to your struggles with heroin. I think that you may have helped one or maybe 200 people walk away and sympathize with others who have or had drug addictions, and not be quick to judge. Not everyone grew up with a safe and happy family. And it’s so important (to me) to realize this. Homeless kids may not have grown up in the west hills with a “normal” mom and dad. Maybe their dad raped them from a young age. Or, their mom was an absent alcoholic or a clinically depressed person who wasn’t able to give her children support and love as they should have received it. If so, it would be tough to live a relatively happy, consistent and successful life.
    I want everyone in Portland to see Crazy Enough. I think it could make them more insightful people.
    Thank you Storm,

  42. Storm I just learned about you from my girl friend in Toronto with the awesomse 8 miles wide……I loved it and cannot get the tune out of my head.
    After 15 years in the convent, I finally left in my early 30’s and got Free to be ME. I always knew I was a lesbian, but my dad caught me and my girl friend kissing when we were 18, and well that put an end to that. Back in those days…….we did not have the courage of ingenuity to run away together. Neither of us ever married…well I did marry Jesus LOL LOL but our divorce was amicable. Me and the girl next door shared 3 years of bliss….making love whenever our parents were away from either one’s home. And I was known to get up at 1 am and slip out the back door and climb over the fence and into her window til early dawn and then back out and into my own bed. My folks threatened to send me to a Shrink, and I said, “well I will just kill myself”…they believed me. So I just went on to college…..and then finally escaped to the Convent with other friends who were already there….to escape a male friend who wanted to marry me….he only kissed me once and I said, “ewwwwwwwwww do not ever do that again” and he did not…..but we dated for two years…then when the Marriage word came up…I had to get out of dodge LOL LOL Anyway, you are a breathe of fresh air…and I want to tell you that turning 40 is a great age…and you have 40 more years to share your 8 mile wide Vagina LOL LOL You go woman. I sure shared mine after an 8 year relationship with the woman I was with after the convent……but in 1996 I shared my Vagina with great loving women…….wanted to find out if women could be like the gay men. Now at 62 I am ready to settle down. I used to have all the women bring their STD tests and I had mine. LOL LOL Soooooooooo you just have to put on the CRAZY ENOUGH once again so I can see it. I will bring a pack of woman friends from Salem to Portland to see it, and more from Corvallis too.
    Thank you Storm, for being YOU…..and sharing yourself and your great voice and talent with us all. Everyone across the USA and Canada need to see CRAZY ENOUGH.

  43. Stormy .
    Do not even think there is some flaw in your body ,(ass squish).
    Damn I just had to go smoke a cig to get over the thought of you being even a tiny bit insecure.

  44. Your performance, your attitude, your everything you put into your music is unique, beautiful, and inspiring! I have become such a Storm Large Fan! I am soooo hoping you will consider putting your performance of Crazy Enough on DVD. Won’t be as mesmerizing as sitting there in your presence watching and listening to you… but I know that out of the 5 of us there to watch you… everyone of us would have purchased one that night… had you had one. We all still would I’m sure. I tell all my friends about Storm Large and how she’s one of the most amazing performing women… and I play my Storm Large songs the most on my ipod/iphone. It is the best group of songs I listen to when I need to let loose after a tough and angerfilled day, or when I go and work out. I am looking forward to more performances in the Portland area. My hubby comes back in May from Iraq… and I plan to get him to one of your performances! ROCK ON and ROCK HARD!

  45. Just “discovered” you this morning thanks to The Bloggess. You are a powerhouse lady. Your video “My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide” made me look back at your stint on Rockstar and from there I bought your album. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and continue to celebrate life.

  46. I walked in from my “Wild Women” group and my husband hopped on the edge of the bed and said you have to see this. First, YouTube of the Pixies doing Gigantic and then 8 miles wide. What powerful stuff. I sent it to my 21 year old. She said mom I can’t say that yet. I told her to “get used to it”.
    40…you’re just a babe. I just turned the big 60. My birthday treat? Seeing the one, the only, Storm Large in NYC at Joe’s Pub. I am looking forward to it. Give me a shout out and then we can light a candle together. If you ever want to play Martha’s Vineyard…we will be waiting for you.

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