Crazy News!

What a crazy week!

Storm, Geena Davis

FIRST: I get home from three fun and fattening days in Nashville with Pink Martini, then immediately have to slap on some makeup and head to Dante’s with the band to film a scene with Geena Davis for TNTs as of yet untitled new show with her. (PS…she is delightful AND flipping gorgeous!) We shoot all day, we are all wiped out, then I start getting some pings on my phone : “So excited to see you tonight!” “Good luck tonight, Storm!!!” then a few…”Hey…where are you??”s

I was nominated for an Oregon Book Award for creative non fiction, and the big “and the winner is…” to-do was happening, right then, as I was mopping sweat off my half naked, Dante’s dirty self.

“I’m not gonna go. There’s no way I won. I’m beat. I’ll send flowers to the winner.” My little chorus went. Everyone agreed, sympathized, even.

“Actually, it’s kinda rude if you don’t go.” James, my best friend, music partner and hugely annoying moral compass chimed in. “It’s an honor that you were nominated, you should go and congratulate your peers.”

Whatever James.

Of course I went. I was late. I tried to hide backstage to cheer the winners as they got off the stage, but the organizers from Literary Arts weren’t having it. So I was THAT GUY bumbling my way through the crowded VIP section of the theater to sit in my VIP seat…in the front.

Immediately I was happy to be there, I got to sit with Larry Colton, my friend and mentor, and the reason for the book even happening. He got a lifetime achievement award and gave a hilarious speech that ended in homage to teachers. Bless that blustering man. Then my category was next:

….and I won.

Now, most of you know full well, I am an all around wordsmith. Metaphor and allegory drop from my lips like half eaten cheerios from a toddler…but I was stunned, literally to silence.
I shook, I started crying, I had absolutely nothing prepared except what I was going to say to the author I and EVERYONE was convinced would win. I remember standing at the podium,
calling Larry an A-hole, thanking….somebody….crying and attempting to make sense of what had happened. Then being led away and given a drink.

Here’s a sweet recap from Portland Monthly:

Wow. So thank you, everyone, for this huge and unexpected honor.

April 19th at the gorgeous Sunset Center, in Carmel-By-The-Sea.
April 20 at the new version of my old favorite, Sweetwater, in Mill Valley.
packed house

12 thoughts on “Crazy News!”

  1. Fantastic, and well deserved. I haven’t had the opportunity to see you live yet, but I am soooo looking forward to the day. Congratulations! <3

  2. Gary Jaskowiak

    Wow. So well deserved!!! Congratulations on everything! What a wonderful few years, huh? I saw “Crazy Enough” five times and loved it more each time! Love the book. Love you!

    What’s next? Senator Large? Her Honor, Mayor of Portlandia?

  3. Congrads Storm! Wonderful news, and well desired my sweet. Saw the play& loved the book. You are an inspiration.

  4. First saw you at summerstage with Pink Martini and was blown away by your singing. Read Crazy Enough and was further impressed by the brave and funny writing. Saw you tonight at Joe’s Pub and you killed again. loved Total Eclipse and Stand Up for Me. Loved the whole set. Hope you keep doin it and lovin it!

  5. I’ve been a fan since ‘My Vagina”
    – saw you with Pink Martini and loved it! AND… I’m jonesen’ for another hit of Storm – – -Raw and Uncut !
    Just let me know when and where – and I’ll be there

    Loved you even more after reading the ‘humble pie’ letter.


  6. I love Pink Martini and China, and saw you are singing with them. Checked out your videos and am checking in with you as a new HUGE fan! Got your website bookmarked and will watch for the next appearance! Brill Yunt!

  7. Storm, I have been a fan since Rockstar: Super Nova.
    I loved your book, made me tear up at times & made me chuckle. This said, nothing can compare to seeing you live at the Hollywood Bowl last Sunday night with…….the phenomenal, Pink Martini! I have seen them everytime they have played at the Bowl. Wow, what a treat, seeing one of my favorite groups & to hear your powerful voice live! I can hardly wait til Sept when the new CD drops. All the best to you & the rest of Pink Martini.

  8. Saw you in Cabaret, Crazy enough 4 times,The Aladdin, The Symphony and we are still blown away by your performance. Last night at Edgefield was magic. We are huge fans.

  9. My parents , of all people, introduced me to you via Eight Miles Wide. Now I sing it all the time, at totally inappropriate times. What fun! Looking forward to hearing and reading more about you and PM, and come to Atlanta sometime, ok?

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