CRAZY ENOUGH: A Memoir by Storm Large – Intro Excerpt


by Storm Large

Copyright 2012 by Storm Large. Published by Free Press.

* Excerpted from CRAZY ENOUGH: A Memoir by Storm Large. Copyright 2012 by Storm Large. Published by Free Press. *
* Excerpted from CRAZY ENOUGH: A Memoir by Storm Large. Copyright 2012 by Storm Large. Published by Free Press. *

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  1. Richard Sutton
    Richard Sutton says:

    That is a terrible tragedy, what a way to find out your mom has passed in light of what you were doing at the time. I am terribly sorry for that never knew that about storm, god bless you sweet heart.

  2. Scott Stubbe
    Scott Stubbe says:

    I was a couple of paragraphs into it before I recognized the story was a flashback to Storm’s past. I remember watching her tell the story to those of us in the audience of her one woman show. It was almost as moving to read as it was to hear. I was immensely disappointed that no video of a performance of “Crazy Enough” was ever released, I really would like to see that show again. I look forward to to reading this book, and giving it a home on the shelf next to her CDs.

  3. Scott in Oregon
    Scott in Oregon says:

    “Thank God She’s Gone.”

    Thanks for that.

    You learned long ago that you were not the first to say these words. Nor the last.

  4. JoAnn
    JoAnn says:

    My mom was crazy–not as crazy as yours, but nuts enough. In our house you never knew when to duck or why mayhem ensued. But I was crazy about her until the Alzheimer’s was in its 3rd or 4th year. When I got the call she died Thanksgiving weekend in the 16th year of her disease my response was exactly like yours. Keep going strong. You are a joy.

  5. Paul Tidd
    Paul Tidd says:

    You are such a wonderful person, I already have your book preordered on Amazon, and i’m going to try and make it to your concert on the 20th with Pink Martini, if it hasn’t sold out yet. I’m so happy that I have you in my life, and that you’ve started performing in California again. The bay area has missed you.

  6. christy
    christy says:

    All that tragedy growing up and you still turned out to be one fucking awesome rocking chick! We have alot of serious mental illness in our family so I can relate to you. Stay kool and keep strong. Lots of love for you Storm!

  7. Lily Waller
    Lily Waller says:

    I just finished your book, and I have to say that I totally love you. For all that you went through in life, you told your story with honesty and big beautiful heart. Your spirit inspires me to just be good with myself in all my own life/craziness; embrace it, use it, and maybe a bit more balls.
    I checked out some of your performances online. Call me a new fan. I’ll be following your career from now on.
    Love & admiration,
    Lily S Waller

  8. Melly
    Melly says:

    I started your book last night, I’m totally hooked after the first chapter. You are such a beautiful person and I can’t wait to finish the whole book. I’ve been spending the morning looking at your music on youtube, you are fabulous and can count me in as a new fan! =)

  9. Evelyn Griswold
    Evelyn Griswold says:

    Just finished your great book…………..and saw you Sunday at the PAC with the Portland Symphony…………what a voice you have !! I just wish my mom would hurry up and pass on to her next life !


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