Cabaret turns 100 ?

Today is our 100th show . Geez . It seems like only yesterday I was apologizing to all the gay boys I had to make out with for being an icky girl .

( I have since learned that a lot of gay men , and I mean A LOT , are still boob crazy … umm … well … MEN . They might be thinking about Davey when kissing me , but hot diggetty damn , they sure know their way around a girl ! I love my job .)

Aaaaaanyway …. We’re at the 100th show and the final week here in Rochester . It’s bittersweet because I want to go home now …. I’m kind of more than ready to start the next gig , but I love this show and all my kit kat cohorts . A few are headed back to Portland , but most of them are New York bound . I’m going to miss seeing, smooching , smacking and laughing with Wade , Romain , Amy , Gretchen , The Red Karen , Emily , Pilar , Kristen , Scotty , Buddy , Tim and Tommy , Randy-Marie , Chrisse and Richard …and the behind the scenes beauties Nick and Steph . Not to mention the crew of sweeties running things backstage . Leah , Becky , Megan , Karin , Caroline , KB , my sweet Ian , Aaron , Nate … and the ridiculously hot spot light operators … Oh , sweet sorrow , this impending goodbye . The kind you wanna come up with a very clever and poignant gesture to really let em’ know what they all meant to me .

But I know we will all just get kinda buzzed and say , ” Dude …. you know what …? I …. yeah , you know .” and hug eachother . Which is still fine .

The time has screamed by . I am headed to NYC afterwards to see some friends , eat some REAL New York Italian , Jewish and Chinese food ! ( I miss the die hard NY authentic fill in the ethnic blank cuisine … MMmmmmmmm!!!) then head back to my Davey and my beautiful Portland .

I can’t wait .
Until the next adventure , see you out there .

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