Best Week Ever!

After a long and exhausting build up to Candidates Gone Wild , the show itself was a huge
success . Thank GOD … I was sooo nervous . You have NO idea how many people worked so frigging hard to get that monster on its feet , and they were all counting on me to run the thing . Yikes . Happily , I didn’t screw up on the show was AWESOME and so much fun . We have some pretty dope candidates …. Sam , Randy Leonard , Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish were all my favorites . John Branham is also a good candidate … he took a deep screwing onstage and responded with grace and cool humility . He’s pretty sharp , that one .

Then I’m off to LA for my secret mission . Not like Davey’s ultimatum … but more secret because it was lining up to be so amazing , that I was scared to talk about it for fear it wouldn’t happen .

Well , it happened .

Our buddy JT , (who’s turning 50 on May 10th at a huge bash at Dante’s … I’ll see you there .) he had a friend on tour with the Legendary John Doe (ummm … X , anyone ?) Anyway ,
rewind 7 years and I wrote a song that was a bit different from the style I was performing at the time , called “Drive Away ” . A good song that swept nicely into another I had written called “Under You” … they’re sister songs I guess … but under you grew up and left home , while drive away stayed a baby . Anyways , I revisited the song last year and thought … this would be hot as a duet . On more meditation I thought … this would be great with John Doe’s voice .

On a whim I put out some feelers . I had heard that John Doe
was a famously warm and approachable man … what’s the harm in asking ? Soon after , J.T. got back to me that he could get a message to him . Within a week I sent an MP3 to the man
himself .

As I sit here 8 months after our initial contact , with a hot cup of coffee , Davey blogging next to me , in Stephanie’s parents’ living room ,I can now safely announce:


To make it even cooler , I had Davey on Bass , Steph on Guitar , our bestest buddy Greg Eklund on drums and we recorded at the Foo Fighters studio with the Southern miracle known as “Lou” manning the board .

This has been the best trip ever . I got to see the whole house band , stayed with Paul and his family for a spell , went to a taping of Rock The Cradle …not nearly the train wreck I expected , it was really fun . The House Band . I just don’t have the time or room to express just how ridiculously good those guys are … I love them so .

Later I went to see Lukas’ new band ” Stars Down ” . I was with Toby and his hilarious JK band mates , we had a bawdy good time .However , when Luke hit the stage , both Toby and I stood stock still , side by side in the balcony and just stared and listened . Every now and then glancing at one another mouthing “Awesome” or “Oh. My.God.” Lukas has put together a righteous bunch of players and I caught myself tearing up a bit at how happy I was for him . He has really good people around him and it shows . His lush , melodic song after song onslaught was a joy to experience . Yeah , maybe I’m bias , but that little fuck can sing and put together a gorgeous phrase that pokes you in the squishy bits . I’m so happy for him … he has so earned this success .

It was great to see Toby as well , he’s doing great and is as wonderfully revolting as always .

All my love and gratitude to Davey , Steph , (and Smith family) , Greg , Paul and my sister-wife Michelle and the goils , the House Band, JT , John Doe , The Foo Fighters , LOU! , Lukas , Kendra and that pig dog Toby Rand . All in all , it’s been the best week ever this year (so far) . Here’s to what comes next !

See you out there ,

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