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Off and running …

Three weeks of rehearsal , two lungfulls of pneumonia , ten rewrites in one week and about 2000 audience members later … I’d say ” Crazy Enough ” is off to a great start . A pack of the Storm board folks showed up for Saturday the 4th and some of you managed to get […]

And so….

We begin a new chapter . The Balls are tucked away for a bit while James and I venture into the theater armed with open minds , new tunes and a pack of sad , embarrassing , sexy and hopefully laugh-worthy moments from my life . My greatest hope is that everyone who comes to […]


I’m a singer . I can sing in front of anyone . Any number of anyones … been doing it for nearly 20 years and will likely be doing it until my big fat head falls off …. and it will probably fall off while I’m on stage , singing . Acting ? Scary . […]

Spelling Bee plus

Last night I was a ” celebrity ” speller at a charity spelling bee that happens every January at the Art Museum . I sooooooooo didn’t want to do this . The word list I was given was 4 pages and 900 words long . I didn’t have a clue at what a healthy 50% […]

Time to Party!!

Hey Portland! Whether or not Sam stays in office , Q Center is part of his legacy . He founded it , believes in it still and has personally implored me to sing at their fundraiser this Saturday the 31st . There has been a lot of angry speculation that Q Center has turned their […]

Support for Sam

Hey Portland! This week has been glorious for America , with the inauguration of our new , genetically enhanced first family and all … but it has hit the fan in Portland . Our mayor is in some serious hot water , that he himself cooked up . However , I love Sam , I […]

Sam Adams , sex mayor .

The Mayor of Portland has lied to everyone and it is a damn shame . I , for one , am shocked . SHOCKED to learn that a middle aged man was attracted to , wooed and then had sex with an eighteen year old . We are also talking about two men , here […]

Makeup show announced!!!

For the folks who got screwed by ARCTIC BLAST 2008!!!! and missed the Winter Wonder Ball (The Saturday 12/20 show)The Balls have announced the where and when for the free make up show . Saturday , February 28th at Mississippi Studios . Doors at 7:30 show at 8:30 . This show is free for the […]


MY KIND OF LOVE It’s January second and while impulse shopping at Rite Aid , I saw a big display of Valentines crap . Oh Baby , here it comes again ! Dressed in crinkling red cellophane with its bloated , chocolate dipped expectations …. and it’s grim disappointments . Every year I go through […]