And so….

We begin a new chapter . The Balls are tucked away for a bit while James and I venture into the theater armed with open minds , new tunes and a pack of sad , embarrassing , sexy and hopefully laugh-worthy moments from my life . My greatest hope is that everyone who comes to Crazy Enough doesn’t leave the theater thinking I’m crazy , as much as I hope they leave knowing that they are not .

Rehearsal starts tomorrow . Thank you all for loving my Balls and supporting me throughout the last few years . I’ve said it before , but without fans , I am only just so much hot air in the dark .

See you out there .

6 thoughts on “And so….”

  1. I saw your Crazy Enough show this weekend. Your early life sounded enough like mine that it really touched a nerve. Your teens and twenties sounded enough like my wife’s life, that you touched a nerve with her. We have two children and after giving birth twice, my wife thinks her vagina is too big. When you did eight miles wide, her face oscillated between a sly smirk and a sheepish grin. I cannot tell you when I last enjoyed a show this much. It gave us things to laugh about, things to cry about, and things to think about. It made us give pause to all of the messages we send to our children. I really enjoyed the show. Thanks for your work and for baring your soul letting us all learn something from you.

  2. Crazy Enough is the best thing I’ve seen at Center Stage this season. It hit the mark for being original, brave enough to show a lot of things many of us hide.
    Loved your music and performance, am not a big music buyer, but oh so glad I got the cd.
    My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide is a great new anthem…

  3. I just saw Crazy Enough yesterday and found it to be possibly the best play/performance I have seen in a very long time. Your ability to incorporate music into your words is extraordinary and found myself getting goose bumps throughout the performance. I brought my cousin along for her birthday and she left the theatre feeling renewed hope to move forward with her life—after some very difficult months. I will be coming back again and plan on bringing all of my girlfriends in the coming week. Thanks for sharing your life. You’re amazing! Oh and the CD is now in my iPod!

  4. I’ve been so looking forward to seeing Crazy Enough since I heard about it last year. My mom & I got to see your show last night and we both LOVED it! I knew you were going to be great, and this show is better than I could have imagined. Thanks for everything you put in to it. I’ll be back soon to see it again with some friends. Great work and Thank You!

  5. I bought tickets for your show last year. I am a shrink and my heart shrank when I read what the show was about this year–I was afraid it would be work on a weekend.

    It was, instead, renewal. I found myself remembering people I have not thought about for a long time, wondering how life turned out for them, thinking about how many times we have to start again on the journey we are making, thinking what courage it takes to live life and keep living it.

    I loved the combination of words to form pictures. “Dick whisperer”, “mouth cop”, and “a vagina 8 feet wide, room enough for everyone to come inside” will be part of my thought scrap book in the future.

    I am impressed with your candor and courage in taking this story to the stage and I hope it is something that you will take on tour. There are a lot of bits that many people in the world will find helpful.

    Have you ever Gloria Steinem’s essay about her mother? It has been many years since I read it but I remember it being the story of being the daughter of a mother who was also crazy enough to be hospitalized,

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