Man , when you are your own label…you have to be on it .

The artwork is nearly done for the record , (God bless Laura Domela for her genius photography and Quenby Moone for being a terrifying creative force with the layout…you’ll see . ) I’ve secured a barcode , registered everything and payed some hefty old bills . We’re leaving Tuesday for our California tour and I’m scrambling to make sure everything’s done before it gets manufactured .
All this STUFF I gotta DO … sometimes I wish shit would just happen all easy like for me . But
then , I suppose , if it was all a piece o cake , it wouldn’t be so interesting .

The official release is June 5th…when Paris goes to jail .

Holy shit ! By the way . SHE’S GONNA DO A WEE BIT O TIME! Alls I gotta say is I have seen that girl in person , and let me tell you , those bars are gonna have to be pretty friggin’ close together to keep her in , wherever she’s going . For those of you who are concerned for her , or upset… I’m pretty sure she’s going to the club med jail … the kind Martha Stewart made crab apple preserves and got ponchos made for her by some other caged heat . She won’t get broom handled or end up as somebody’s bitch … don’t worry .

See you out there , (‘cept Paris )

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