Ah Seattle .

…What a great time last night in one of the prettiest cities in the North West . We LOVE Seattle .
The High Dive was packed last night …(those of you who couldn’t get in … we’re sorry , we will definitely be back … we’re also looking to get into an all ages venue as well .) We saw alot of old friends from back in the Sweaty Nipples days , old Storm fans , Balls fans and brand new , delicious , virgins . Mmmm-MMM! Love the virgins …. I think they get as entertained by the regulars as they do by yours truly . If last night was your first time … I hope you had a blast ! Thank you , everyone for coming out , and a big thank you to the High Dive for , once again , taking good care of us Balls and showing us a good time .

…SPEAKING OF A GOOD TIME… The word is out on Davey and his tonsil hockey with Toby Rand … in case you missed it , they were gay dueling …where two guys grapple one arm and pull eachother in slowly , eyes locked , mouths open slightly … first guy to pull away …” loses ” . Umm . Yeah . Well , suffice to say Davey and Toby …ah … won ? I guess it was a draw … ANYWAY … a studly boy from the high dive , ( big strong man who chucked me over his shoulder like a bag of oranges… fuckin’ LOVE that ! ) went in for the kill on our Davey and Davey went limp and pretended to cry like a girl …. quickly losing the round . Good play on his part , I must say , we have a long drive ahead this afternoon and by the looks of his opponent … Davey would’ve needed an inflatable doughnut to sit on in the car had he seen the duel to its tragic end .

” I had to play opossum for the good of the band . ” Davey later admitted . Good times .

See you out there !

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