A day off ….

Our first show of the tour was at the loverly and always homey Sweet Water in Mill Valley . The joint was packed to the rafters with old and new fans . It was a blast … some vodka was consumed and there was much music and merriment . Now , we are enjoying our first day off with no driving so we’re cooking up a feast for ourselves and our friends’ family . Ah ! We love our California people ! Tomorrow we’re off to Modesto and the Fat Cat …. I’ll fill you in on all that later .

I see everyone’s got the Canada dates now … we’re SO EXCITED ! Remember , it’s a stripped down version of the Balls … just me and James … sandwiched between big loud rock bands . However , we are planning to bring all of our Ball-y goodness all the way across Canada this Summer … stay tuned.

Gotta go grill asparagus….I know I know … SO rock n roll ….

See you out there!

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