8 Miles Wide Video…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my vagina. You’re welcome.

Seriously, “8 Miles Wide” would still be just a big big idea (and the occasional outburst from friends and family members in the know) if it weren’t for the tireless creative megawatt team at Sockeye Creative. James Westby, Tom Grissom and Katie O’Grady, especially, kicked so much ass on this goofy little ditty born in my twisted brains.

Also important to thank – Wilf’s, Mary’s Club, Portland Parks and Rec., Mark Acito, Rick Emerson, Byron Beck, Kevin Morris, Laura Domela, Mary Urbanski, Brenda Casebeer and her trusty steed Brego, Kavita Jhaveri, James Beaton, Davey Nipples, Scott Weddle, The Jim Brunberg, Adam Lundeen, Steve Sharp and all the brilliant extras and personalities who so generously donated to the cause.

Last, but not least, thank you, Portland, Oregon. Your endless support of all things weird will always make you the coolest city on the planet. Bless your rainy and rosy wild heart.


Behind the scenes:

33 thoughts on “8 Miles Wide Video…”

  1. I LOVE IT!
    Does it mean however that my wife and I have to tie a 9 mile two by four to our asses before coming to the show?

  2. That was the best video i’ve ever seen…As always…love your voice…incredible…your sense of humour….insane….I look forward to seeing you in Toronto again soon..thanks for wrapping up the power of your talent with the best sense of humour…made my morning…

  3. I agree with Jacquie – best video ever. Can’t get the catchy tune out of my head. Of course, when I stroll through the office singing it, everyone thinks I am a transsexual. Hey ho, we all have our crosses to bear. Please come to NY. We need a shot of Storm.

  4. I saw your show last Friday night! Thank you for the best performance I’ve seen in a really long time. You are an amazing comedic, dramatic and musical actress. It was so compelling, entertaining and real. I felt like I was on your journey and your honesty and humor brought me to laughter and tears. I’m now a huge fan and happened to be in Portland visiting my mom that weekend, so I’m thankful to her for having seasons tickets to PCS. I intend to buy your music and spread the word about the amazing Storm Large! Love everything about you!

  5. Saw the show Sat. To take a story that would generally make folks cringe and give it in-your-face power, honesty and self-love is as fuck’n cool and important as anything I’ve ever known. Having walked a crooked line with a hard, soft, furious, crazy and, now, peaceful heart (55 will do that) myself, I salute you. Portland can be both weird and tight, both inclusive and incredibly provincial (once the tatoos run off) so I must absolutely give you proper love and respect.


  6. Crazy awesome!

    I followed a link on twitter to the eight miles wide video. . I watched it once, then again. Listened to all the lyrics the third time, tried to make sense of it on the next go-around, and now I can’t get it out of my head. I bought the album off iTunes as was blown away. My only regret is that I don’t travel to Portland anymore, because I would love to see the show.

  7. Kahuna MacStever

    I heard “8 MIles Wide” this past friday night on the radio. I was laughing so hard I almost had to pull off the road to listen to whole thing. You have created a new fan and I can’t wait to hear and see more of your music.

  8. You’re sick, twisted and I love it. But seriously, a good friend from back home, NYC, sent me the link to your video, 8 miles wide, he said I would love it and I did; just had to tell you that. Can’t wait to share it with the wife.

    Much Love and Success.


  9. Storm, I’m having these weird phenomena around you. Every time I’ve seen you there’s been some surprise about it. (Does everyone say this?) The first time, it was getting to see your surprise performance at the LiveWire taping only a short while after I’d *tried* to see see you at the Bagdad, but the show had been cancelled. And recently I’d tried to get into ‘Crazy Enough’ on the 24th of June, got fired on the 25th, went to your show that night (in shock, somewhat) and it was your birthday and I got to watch you be surprised at the end of the show. It’s all been very weird and wonderful and you are larger than life and you’ve enlarged my life just by being your precious self, and thank you. So glad you made it through it all! (Glad we all have!)

  10. Hi, Im an expat living in Germany, I found you and your music quite by accident one late night on the net a few years ago. From that moment on its been nothing but love. if Ladylike side one were a old fashioned 12″ spinning piece of plastic it would have been long since been worn out ive played my lovely digi download so much. I waited for something new .. or i guess just more and last week i saw the video for 8 miles wide and again and again and again…… Amazing, gorgious, funny, sweet, stunning Thank you!!!! One of my bands is playing a festival next weekend here and this is getting played as the walk out after we play…
    Love you Storm

  11. Gorgeous, funny, fabulous voice AND JUST SO DAMNED RIGHT ON!!!
    Storm, you make me SO proud to be a Portlander!!

  12. I sent this to my 26-yr-old daughter. I sure wish I had had anyone like you to admire when I was younger. The few “tragic heroines” who were inspirational didn’t exactly encourage the self-determination and love you exemplify. Marc Woolley is so right! Thank you for showing that owning yourself is what art — and maybe life — is all about.

  13. I’m so glad you made this goofy fun video – because frankly I don’t know if I would have had the chance to hear you otherwise. I’m blown away and thrilled for you – what a *voice* – I cleaned out iTunes within minutes and I’m telling everyone I know. What an awesome surprise to kick off the week. Kick these manufactured poppets to the curb and show us what a real superstar looks like!

  14. Storm,
    It’s not just your Vagina my dear, but your talent that is 8 miles wide! You literally consume the screen and stage, and I cannot wait to see more! I have this feeling deep in my gut (no vagina) that as amazing as your smile creating, heart rending, soul satisfying talent is, you’re just hitting your stride! (and still think you are an actor yet to be reckoned with!)It’s hard to imagine anyone can be more talented, yet everytime I’ve seen you I feel like I am seeing more than a performance. I am experiencing art! I look forward to bragging to friends on the other side of the world that Storm Large is from my home town, and I went to see Crazy Enough twice!

  15. Last night I used 8 Miles Wide to accompany the traditional post-burlesque-show Coney Island Wine Bath, and the audience went nuts! I got so many questions about the song–they gave us a standing ovation!

  16. Storm, here I am in Boylston (near your hometown!)…my interest in your music and energy was recently renewed (after your TV fame) by my good friend Kim Packard (you went to middle school with her). I’m spreading the word about your great talent and humor to all and have to say two things:

    1) please come back to MA for a show or two or three…we’ll be there!
    2) please know that as childbirth educators, Kim and I especially love sharing Eight Miles Wide to our expectant moms…if only everyone believed that their vaginas get HUGE to birth their babies! :)

    Thanks for all you do and PLEASE stop by our shop (soon to be in West Boylston) if you’re ever in the neighborhood and especially if you’re pregnant or with a baby! :)


  17. Storm,

    I don’t watch much broadcast TV, and I DEFINITELY don’t watch any sort of “reality TV”, so I was completely oblivious to your amazing performances on RSSN in ’06. But when a friend turned me on to you last week–even though I pride myself in staying up on “new music”–I couldn’t believe you’d somehow manage to slip under my radar for all these years. Now I know who you are, and believe me, I’ve become you’re biggest evangelist out here on the East Coast!

    “8 Miles Wide” is perhaps one of the wittiest, heart-felt, and inspirational rock paeans I’ve ever heard in my 43 years on this planet. Even though I personally lack the equipment around which your song revolves, I find this song an inspiration to more fully investigate the feminine, and more fully develop my appreciation of all things “vigantic”… ;)

    Thanks for NOT becoming the “next big pop star”, and for continuing to share your wild, wicked, an twisted dreams with us, through your music. I only wish I could see your stage shows–musical and theatrical–but living on the East Coast makes that difficult.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to the East Coast–DC, Richmond, Baltimore, Raleigh, NYC, Atlanta–SOMEWHERE out here. We need your brand of irreverence and all-out creativity here, badly…

    Oh, and one more thing. Please tell us there are plans to put “Crazy Enough” onto DVD. Please. It would mean the world to us who couldn’t come to Portland and see it live.

  18. I’m the vagtastic counterpart to Richard, above, and am so glad he came home raving about you and your art. Amazing. My vagina and I sing your song to each other all day.

    Thank you for your gift to us all.

  19. I was humming the tune at the Y last night as I was working out, and a funky gothdyke looked right at me and smirked … “no it’s not”.

  20. Thanks to your wonderfully vagtastic song I was able to dedicate the song to my fave cross dressing friend. As my gift to him I bestowed the song as his new vagina. He can sing along everytime he needs a vagina! his penis is now reversable! we thank you for this!

  21. Sent this video to my Dad, and the only ex-girlfriend I still like. So there. Thinking about sending it to the Dali Lama, because after I got over it being funny, then got over it being cute, I realized it’s a message of universal love, and it is genius.

  22. I can’t resist — why eight miles? Why not nine? or seven?
    My SO suggested that it might be because “eight” on its side forms an infinity sign.

    Anyway, we love it. Come to Vancouver some time!

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  24. To me, one of the hallmarks of Art is when you’re still thinking of it some time later. I end up getting a hankering for this song a LOT. Thankee for expressing difficult concepts in a simple, elegant way. And feel free to visit my vagina any time. :)

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