5 Weeks!

I’ve been in New York for about 5 weeks now .

Beyond missing home , my love , my friends and my wet walks through Mt. Tabor … I’ve been loving getting back on stage as Sally Bowles with these wonderful people . I get to cuddle naked with Wade McCullem every dang day and smack smokin’ hot Kit Kat girls on their ripe , bouncy butts at random . My life rules . Period . I’ve also been loving my quick spit of solitude , my own place to entertain the voices in my head or to just be quiet .

I’ve also really enjoyed geeking out on all the primaries …. OH MY GOD WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR ??? Everyone is so interesting on both sides . Except Mitt Romney . He , and his hair , bore the shit out of me . He won’t make it past Johnny McCain . No way .

Yeah yeah …. to all my liberal fans who hate all things republican … you will hate me for liking McCain . Whatever . He’s a crabby bastard but I like him as a person, I always have . Sadly I won’t vote for him , but dammit I like him . Huckabee cracked me up a few times too . For a scary born again dude … he’s got a pretty deep sense of humor , he’s a darn good speaker to boot . Romney is a straight up , phoney baloney douche bag . Ugh . He won’t get the nod from the GOP .

I’m still on the fence about Clinton or Obama . There’s a whole lot I like about both . I’m leaning towards Barack … not totally sold yet , just leaning .

BUT HOW AWESOME IS THIS WHOLE THING THOUGH ?? JEEZ !!!I love it . It is easily , by far , the most exciting election in generations . How cool is it we get to see this in our lifetime ?!

Gotta watch the debates now and get rested up for tomorrow . MY DAVEY IS COMING TO SEE ME !!! I can’t wait . Yes , it might make me even MORE homesick , but sleeping with my naked belly against his , just for one night … will be such a sweet escape . Bring the pain of him leaving again , it’s worth it .

Hang in there , everyone . Let’s check in again after super Tuesday .


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