Happy… Merry… DONE!

Holidays are over, but I just can’t stop GIVING! Scroll down for a message and a present from myself and Le Bonheur…..

NEW YORK and PORTLAND! I am coming for your hearts and minds….(also ears, hands, friends, drinks and snacks… I want it ALL, YO.)

January 14th, 7:30PM Subculture :: SOLD OUT

2nd show added! January 14th, 9:30PM Subculture :: GET TICKETS

Storm gets all stripped down (musically, dude….MUSICALLY) for this yummy new downtown club.

February 14th and 15th, 7PM Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall :: GET TICKETS

Put on your swankiest swaddling and grab your one and only (or your many onlys) and get thee to a nunnery. Wait…no…what’s the opposite of that? Oh, MY STORMY VALENTINE, where Portland’s own titular pillar of Love will hold court with the finest orchestra in the country. Together with the OSO, Storm spreads the love like hot honey, singing traditional love standards, re-imagined classics, and some of her own songs…… examining the many facets of ‘this thing called Love’ with gorgeous music (and of course, some bits and sass.) Get on it, these shows sell out quick and you don’t want to miss it. Seriously. No, seriously.

January 19 – Feb 1 :: GET TICKETS

Many of these are sold out already, but do try to catch one…..they’re a great way to shake and shimmy off late winter doldrums.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: We have all survived the Holidays. They are done. DONE. We are, once again, on the other side of a blessed stressed-out, holy solstice-y shit show. I don’t mean to sound cynical, big drunk bunches of fun were had at our Christmas and NYE shows…(as evidenced by this killer video from our Holiday Ordeal, starring Le Bonheur and the unfairly talented Rodney Hicks…video by Patrick Weishample….WATCH HERE)

Awesome, right? We had a royal blast, but I am still relieved to be on this side of The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. This year it kinda felt like Christmas shuffled in all awkward, like a pissy teenager… and then 2013 was its drunk mom, who chased us out and into the new year with a broom. But…..Done. Done. Done. We made it. Now we just have to hang in there, keep warm and stay positive as we slog along towards another Spring, through the cold, wet hangover of late Winter’s limbo.

Personally, I love this time of year. It’s great for writing, meditating, cooking, catching up with friends and family without the stress of Christmas hanging over everything like some Yuletide sword of Damacles. I also get off on throwing away or donating huge loads of crap. Cleaning and purging myself of the unnecessary brik a brak and hooey bullshit I refuse to drag into my shiny new calendar. I need every single blank page this year has to offer; Finishing and releasing the Le Bonheur sub-standards record, write another heap of songs about hookers (more on that later), write a new show or two and gear up for another whirl through Kurt Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins. All the while touring with Pink Martini and Le Bonheur. Maybe I’ll get a rest hither and thither, but if you know me, you know I dig the cray-cray, the all-over-the-darn-place and the out there…

See you out there.

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  1. Natty Champagne
    Natty Champagne says:

    Last night… You, me, the Lensic, oxygen deprivation at 7000 feet… I was blown away by your pipes and your presence. Thank you for making my evening with Pink Martini a singularly unforgettable experience.

  2. Captivated
    Captivated says:

    Blown away with your talent and the symbiotic connection to the band and orchestra . Caught your performance at Segerstrom Hall last night. You got me girl, I will be looking for future opportunities to catch you and your talent in the future. Thanks for giving it your all. Memorable and mesmerizing…

  3. Moxie Liberal
    Moxie Liberal says:

    Unrelated…but I’m watching this great French movie called Starbuck about a guy who unknowingly fathers 533 offspring through his many sperm bank donations . The actress julie le Breton is featured in the movie and is a dead ringer for you! Though you are prettier and younger, I thought you should know that this doppelgänger exists!

  4. Loved the Palm Springs show, Storm. Feb 1, 2014
    Loved the Palm Springs show, Storm. Feb 1, 2014 says:

    You and Pink Martini had a fabulous show, Storm. We just loved it! Our first time to see you … it won’t be the last.. Continue to soar!

  5. Per Nore;;
    Per Nore;; says:

    Dear Storm,
    I just happened upon you today. It would be great, and would benefit you in the long run, to have better quality clips/songs of you on YouTube!!!
    Take care Girl, you Are!

  6. Spitfire
    Spitfire says:

    Blown away by your Valentine’s Day concert tonight. I was expecting gooey love songs, and got a few done just right. Then you blew open my mind with the gown, the clown and the songs of love gone wrong. In fact, my main squeeze told me after the concert that something was missing in our relationship. So, thanks for the slap in the face and the shot of woman-power at just the right time! You rock!

  7. Nicola stefanelli
    Nicola stefanelli says:

    If it is posible to fall in love with somebody trough tv i did wathing you At avo session , what a smart, talented, beatifull girl! You exude sensualiti, joie du vivre!, anyway everything you did made me fall in love


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